山内 光枝

1982年 福岡県生まれ・福岡県を拠点に活動





  • キム・ウンシルさん、下道里、済州島(2011年 / 韓国)
  • 松尾美智代さん、鐘崎、福岡県(2011年 / 日本)
  • シン・チホさん、沙洞里、鬱陵島(2020年 / 韓国)
  • エジィ・アジャリさん、マティーナ・アプラヤ、ダバオ(2020年 / フィリピン)
  • 早瀬千春さん、鴨ヶ浦、輪島市、石川県(2020年 / 日本)

Born 1982 in Fukuoka, based in Fukuoka.
Overseas Study Program: 2014 (short-term) in Mindanao, Philippines.

As we try to conceal our breath behind masks, I, as a human being, who cannot even survive without respiring, have been painfully reminded that we cannot escape our physical limitations as living bodies and thus from time to time potential virus hosts as well. Yet I believe it is by experiencing the world first-hand from within this vulnerable flesh that our dynamic souls, our expression, develop. As we face a new unknown, I have come to realize at a visceral level that the ability to “breathe” as a living thing, and as a human being endowed with mind and sensibility, is the very basis of living.

Just as I was embarking upon an artistic exploration of maritime culture that I continue to pursue today, the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami struck. Watching footage of an overwhelming force swallowing up everyday life in an instant, I imagined people would eventually move away from the sea, and the coastal way of life would disappear. Yet many did not turn away from the sea. It was encounters with such people that spawned tides (2012), which served as the original form of this work.

In the midst of the pandemic, I thought of my free-diving fishery mentors, well-practiced in entrusting their survival to providence as they breathe, and asked them to deliver to us the power to imagine, once again, wherever we may be, what it will be like to breathe the world again, breathe in the world, receive breath in this world. And so that humanity, now the greatest threat to the planet, will never forget this present suffocation. Because the ocean teaches us first-hand that arrogance and obliviousness are the very things that will bring about our demise.


  • Kim Eun-sil, Hado-ri, Jeju Island (2011 / South Korea)
  • Matsuo Michiyo, Kanezaki, Fukuoka (2011 / Japan)
  • Sin Ji-ho, Sa-dong ri, Ulleung Island(2020 / South Korea)
    *Filmed by his wife, Lee Kyung-joo.
  • Edjie Adjari, Matina Aplaya, Davao, Mindanao (2020 / The Philippines)
    *Filmed by his close friend, Angely Chi.
  • Hayase Chiharu, Kamoga-ura, Wajima, Ishikawa (2020 / Japan)
    *Filmed by her nephew, Furukura Yu.